A Chinese Fan and the Wind

A Chinese Fan and the Wind

We commandeered a boat, 

then we jumped into the sea and swam 

with no end to the water, sank

the boat and flew with no end 

to the air.

We were swimming, water, flying,

and air. But we weren’t fishes or birds.

We found a place without

a sea, or air, or boats. Or anything

else. A place that just had us.

And wood. We built a fire 

with the wood and filmed it while

it turned to ash and watched to see

if you or I could tell exactly 

when it turned.

Previously, I was wood.

This time you were wood

and I was ash.

We climbed a mountain

where it was always windy, 

made a Chinese fan and fanned 

ourselves in the wind so the wind 

could see we were swimming, water, flying, 

and air, you the wood and the bird, 

and me the fish and the ash.

I was the Chinese fan

and you were the wind.