Acquittal is caused by crime,

tooth decay by Cupid.

Winter causes diligence which causes nuns,

and Popeye is caused by spinach and the ocean.

One leaf causes Fall, 

which causes New England and sin.

Sunset Boulevard causes hitch-hikers

and Cadillac Eldorados, which cause men 

to reach over, causing night sweats.

Insults are cause for accounting,

disasters are cause for Zen masters,

and heartache causes religion, 

which causes heartbreak.

Divorces for cause are caused by marriage,

which causes parenthood,

which, in its turn, causes because I said so. 

Drowning causes confessions,

and the mouth filled with vocabulary causes cowardice.

One whiff causes the buck 

to snort and stomp the ground,

straining to locate you

without regard to beauty.